CSCS Digital Center has Disaster Recovery facilities which ensure business continuity. We have deployed one of the most robust off-site data replication facilities for the purpose of disaster recovery. Our platform offers an intelligent storage management solution that can easily grow with the CSCS Digital Centre storage needs.  A massive scalable 300 terabyte backup and recovery service is offered in a centralized, comprehensive solution that employs smart data moves and smart data store technology that makes backups and restores as fast, flexible and low-impact as possible. We offer reduced risk with enhanced business continuity.


Protect Your Business Data: Back Up and Disaster Recovery Services ensures that a company's business data and records will always be protected, reducing the risk of data loss and business disruption caused by hardware failure, data corruption, human error or a full scale disaster. We provide continuous offsite backup and recovery services for business servers, delivering an enterprise-class solution that guarantees important data is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Protect Critical Applications:
Back Up and Disaster Recovery Services protect critical applications and data, including file and web servers, accounting data, email servers, Database Servers and other mission critical applications.
Our Disaster Recovery solution delivers three key elements of an effective data recovery and business continuity plan:

Automated Backup
- Data is backed up automatically 24 hours a day, ensuring that the job always gets done. No one needs bother to change tapes or perform a daily backup task.

Offsite Storage
- Data is immediately stored electronically offsite at a secure data facility so that if your office location is damaged or destroyed, your backup is still safe and available for restore.

Immediate Recovery
- Data can be restored immediately to either the original server or an alternate server. Restores can also be redirected to an alternate physical location in the event the original office location is no longer available.

Your records and digital data under our care are Safe and confidential. CSCS Digital Centre does not compromise its security policy which is of global standard. As a security measure there is controlled access to the server room where unauthorized personnel are not allowed as a policy.
Surveillance cameras are installed in and around the center to monitor activities. Once you specify who can access your records or digital data, your administrator will take the appropriate steps to provide those employees with access desired. Authorization lists and physical security systems help ensure that your instructions are followed and your information is protected.

Cost saving/Controls:
Our Record Management Solution will assist you conserve resources such as space, man-power and revenue. Expand your staff by using the professionals at CSCS Digital Centre, without the extra cost of salaries and benefits. You only pay for the services you use. No need to tie up your money in space, cabinets and shelves.

The CSCS Digital Centre range of disaster recovery services can range from progressive incremental backup of files, to sub-file backup, to volume level backup to backup sets, to open file backups, to on-line backup of databases and applications to bare machine recovery backups.

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