CSCS Digital Center’s paper conversion service includes paper preparation, scanning, indexing, and hosting same for secure online retrieval. We scan all sizes of documents using our sophisticated high speed duplex scanners we have a capacity to scan over 100,000 pages per day into most formats including TIFF, PDF, HTML, JPEG etc.  Our web based document management system affords companies the ability to archive and process data online real time. Secured access is available to authorized users within a company via a web based interface. We sort, file and archive or return document to the client depending on his terms and directive in specialized archiving boxes.

Business Values

Reduction in document storage space: Whether you have invoices, project files, correspondence, books/magazines, purchase orders or other official documents to scan, we have the capacity to do that faster at a lower cost. Typically you can store more than three filing cabinets of information on one CD ROM thereby saving large paper document space per year. The space so saved can be utilised to yield revenue.

Risk management & loss of information: Incidences of disaster have brought home to companies the reality of the magnitude of loss that can happen in such cases. Most companies have regular tape backups of their electronic data but what about backups of all your paperwork? A recent report indicated that companies which suffered a total loss due to fire, etc of their documentation went out of business within 12 months. Document scanning and archival enables you to have multiple copies of your documents on and off-site and these can be re-instated within minutes of any disaster.

Quality Control: We operate different scanners giving us a throughput of many hundreds of thousands of pages a day. All documents are scanned according to our externally audited ISO Quality Assurance procedures.

Document handling and security: We can scan your documents direct at your office anywhere in Nigeria. All our services are carried out in a Secure and Confidential manner. Our security is audited on a regular basis to ensure that your documents are safe.

Reduce your administration costs: According to a Gartner consultants�� survey, a typical office worker can spend around 40 minutes every day in finding documents upon which they perform their business tasks. A document management solution, in conjunction with scanning your documents, will cut this time at least by half.

Free Document Management Software: we offer you Seamless retrieval and accessibility of documents You do not need to acquire additional software rather only a web browser is needed to access this service. Once scanned, we can return the documents on CD-ROM or any other storage medium of the client’s choice. We also archive the documents, securely, in document search/viewing database for secure password protected access anywhere in the world.

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